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Maintaining and cleaning carpets can be tough. You need a cleaning service that works. Carpet Cleaning Services is something which cannot be provided by your local friendly cleaning service provider. Or at least the same person cannot provide the efficiency with which a professional would do it. We are one of the most carpet cleaning service provider in India. When you hire us, you engage with a company which offers complete peace of mind.

Why does one need professional carpet cleaning services in India?

India is land of varied climates. Not to mention but we also have a dusty atmosphere. Dirt, dust and sand are all too common with us. We also love buying carpets. We use carpets in our homes and love to have wall-to-wall carpeting in our offices. Ignoring the fact that carpets are harbingers of dirt. They accumulate dirt and filth like no other asset in our office. Our climate and dirty roads bring tonnes of dirt to our office carpets. Thus one needs special cleaning service to handle them.

How dirty are carpets really?

Really dirty if not cleaned. Carpets also carry dust mites. Which care really a health hazard for you and your employees. Add to it as a bonus the damp weather. Damp weather can easily attract fungus and mold growth in the carpets. This can really give your team some serious health issues. The mold and pests can easily crawl to your pantry and food areas. In very rare cases they can also lead to food poisoning. Hence hiring professional carpet cleaning services is the only line of defense you have.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning​
carpet cleaning services India
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning Services can make your office healthy
  • No more damp and foul odour.
  • Your carpets smell fresh and look good.
  • Extend the serviceable life of your carpets.
  • Enhance your overall appeal of office/home.

Other Benefits

Professional Carpet Cleaning services in India provide maximum satisfaction and gets the job done. That too on time and within budgets.

Know our Services Better

Our carpet cleaning services are perhaps the best in country. We go the extra mile to bring the best and the latest carpet cleaning techniques for delivering very high quality carpet cleaning services in India. Please watch the videos below to understand our services in a better way. 

#Carpet Encapsulation

Carpet encapsulation cleaning technique encompasses use of polymer technology which once applied on the carpet attracts dirt and turns in to solid crystal. This is where from the name carpet encapsulation has emerged. The crystal is the vehicle that enables a good encapsulator to capture soil so it can be extracted through post-vacuuming. Although some products may claim to “encapsulate” on the label and they may get the carpet to look good initially, (it’s easy to get a carpet to look cleaner) the real concern should be whether or not the encapsulated soil can be removed with post-vacuuming.

Now those of us who are not professional carpet cleaners and have no or little knowledge about how things work. Here is a simple test which anyone can conduct to determine the quality of the liquid or encapsulation solution used for the job. Take a few drops of the product and place it in a bowl. Leave it overnight, check in the morning. If a perfect crystal is formed then its the right product that your company should be using. If it doesn’t or the liquid is googey and sticky then its an inferior quality product and you must not use it. As this product will most likely cling to the carpet and won’t get the job done perfectly.

#Pre-vacuuming is the first step

Whether using carpet encapsulation or any other method of carpet cleaning, the first step is always vacuuming. In professional terms this process is also called pre-vacuuming as it is done before the commencement of the encapsulation cleaning process. Carpet cleaning research indicates that almost 79% of the filth in the carpet is dry soil which is carried to the carpets from shoes and environment. Thats why removal of this dry soil is very important before application of the solution. Vacuuming is the preferred method of getting rid of the soil from carpet. It is also necessary to make the entire carpet encapsulation process more efficient. 

In this process the professionals simply spray enough solution to make the carpet damp. However under no circumstances the  the pre-spray should be allowed to dry before the next steps of the cleaning are commenced. Allowing a few minutes of extra dwell time can help a really dirty carpet clean more easily. After allowing a few minutes of dwell time scrubbing of the carpet in the normal manner along with  dispensing the detergent through the solution tank is done.

#Scrubbing Equipment:

Any scrubber here meant for the job can be used. The only thing important to note is that the scrubbing should be done aggressively.

#Some Professional Tips

1. When approaching a spill stain – isolate the stain – thoroughly scrub the carpet surrounding the stain leaving the stain untouched.

2. Next aggressively scrub DRY PASSES on the spot. Criss-cross the scrubber back and forth over the stain. Scrub the stain continuously for a full minute or two. We don’t want to get the area wet with additional detergent. In this way, the spot is being aggressively cleaned with minimal moisture. This is not a totally dry scrub. Moisture is captured within the scrub pad from the surrounding area as the scrubber criss-crosses back and forth over the stain. However the moisture is being kept to an absolute minimum. By scrubbing for a full minute or two, the spill stain is receiving an EXTREMELY thorough scrubbing.

3. Prepare a spray bottle of liquid  for spill stain treatment. Mix up a spray bottle according to the directions on the label. This is an exceptionally effective spill stain remedy. After cleaning the spot thoroughly as described above, spray the spot with a few squirts of solution.

4. The final step is to make one more quick dry pass over the treated spot with the scrubber to work the concentrated liquid down into the fiber. Now the spot won’t return!


The crystallising technology of  encapsulation products were designed so that the encapsulated soil could be extracted through routine post-vacuuming. Some have asked the best way to provide post-vacuuming.One great vacuuming, two good vacuuming, three average vacuumings, five fair vacuumings, or ten poor vacuumings – you get the picture, the encapsulated soil should eventually be removed. The carpet will continue to look good even before the micro-encapsulated soil-laden particles are vacuumed.

#Carpet Injection Cleaning

The above video clearly shows how our team conducts carpet injection cleaning and where it is more suited. This method is best suited for busy and heavy traffic areas. 

Why does one need professional carpet cleaning?

The above mentioned information tells about what professional carpet cleaning is all about. Now we would focus on why one actually needs carpet cleaning. 

The above video should be reason enough to get your carpets cleaned professionally. There are virus and bacteria’s present in the carpet which can be very harmful to you and your office mates. We all know that unhealthy workplace will lead to sick leaves and thats bad business. A sick office is less productive and nobody wants to lose money. So having a more productive office depends upon the health of the employees. Hence having a professional carpet cleaning service provider by your side makes perfect sense. 


All You Wished to Know About Improving the Indoor Air Quality

There is so much fuss about the air quality we breathe every day. And taking a look at the latest news can make you a little scared. We are all stuck amidst greenhouse gases and manufacturing emissions and high carbon footprints. So there is a lot of unhealthy and harmful substances present in the air we breathe. Though it is not possible to control what you take in, you can surely keep the indoor air fresher and harmless with the help of an expert steam cleaner.

What to keep in mind to improve the air quality?

There are certain areas that deserve your undivided attention when you want to improve the air quality of your home or business premise. No matter whether you are a busy homemaker or an industrious business man, you can always outsource the floor cleaning services. The professionals will be able to check the various issues that might be present within your indoors and offer viable solutions to them.

Checking for air gaps: You should always take some measures to make sure that the indoor area is properly sealed to shield it from the damaging air outside. Take a thorough look at the window panes to see if there is any leak. You should give due importance to the basements and attics as they play a great role in letting the air come in. If you find any leaks, you may add insulation or opt for weather stripping to reduce the chances of air leakage. This will not just protect the people inside but also play a great role in keeping up the quality of your indoor furnishing.

Changing the filters: The indoor air keeps on circulating all through your home through the heating and cooling pipelines. When the people inside move around, all the dust and virus circulate back in the air. This vicious cycle goes on until you clean all the filters present.

Keeping the space clean in general: The dust floating through your air won’t stay there forever. Eventually, it gets settled on the carpet, furniture, and sofa and everywhere under the sun. So, when you are trying to improve the air quality, you must consider the following areas:

Clutter: The more things you have piled up in the open shelves and floor, the more room you are creating for dust and allergens. You must keep clutters to the minimum and have any of the floor cleaning services to keep the floors and other areas clean. This, in turn, will improve the air quality and remove all the dust mites and dirt particles.

Blinds and curtains: It is a desirable habit to opt for curtains and sofa cleaning once in a while. They are feasible place where pollutants can settle and in turn, get mixed in the air in no time.

Bedding: You should change the bed covers and bed sheets once in a month. Switching the comforter from time to time is of immense importance. Bed serves to be a breeding ground for dust mites and you must vacuum it thoroughly.

Carpets: Carpet cleaning may prove to be quite a tedious and cumbersome task. Most business concerns wants to keep their office premises clean. But there are a lot of areas to be that must be taken care of. From doors to windows to other furnishings such as carpets and other possessions. The same goes for domestic areas as well.

As a homeowner, you may vacuum clean your sofa and carpets and curtains. But that doesn’t give thorough cleaning and the dust mites and virus that are stuck within the fibers of the upholstery, can cause havoc to the health of your family members. Studies have shown that when the interior parts are not properly cleaned, it can lead to fast deterioration of the fabric quality and reduces their longevity to a considerable extent.

How to hire the best commercial carpet cleaner?

If you run a business, it is best to rely on a commercial carpet cleaner for keeping up the newness of your working space. When you look for a reputable carpet cleaner for your business or home, you are likely to be overloaded by hordes of options. So, here are a few tips that can help you find the best office cleaning services without ripping all your money.

Time-effectiveness is extremely important: When you are willing to outsource the carpet cleaner for your business or office, you will have to look whether it can actually save your time. You should ask them about how much time they will take for cleaning the carpet in different methods. For instance, it is a well-known fact dry cleaning is likely to take lesser time than wet cleaning. So you should know the duration required for each method.

Also, professional carpet cleaners you hire should have extensive knowledge on how to use the various equipment and machines to ensure deep cleaning. When you look for prospective home carpet cleaners, they should be able to offer you what is right for your carpets, rather than you asking for different options in solution.

Simplicity is the key: Whether you are looking for a steam cleaner or the home carpet cleaners, you will never want the any messy and complicated procedure. But it is worthy of mention here that carpet and furniture cleaning is not an easy task. It involves moving of furniture for efficient vacuuming. It is often seen that the right spots which require deep cleaning, is left unattended. But when you have one of the experienced floor cleaning services, such problems can be easily avoided.

Moreover, when you want to hire any of their office cleaning services, you should be able to do it easily. The steam cleaner should be able to save your time and efforts, and so, you must never welcome any company that makes the process troublesome for you.

Meant for your health and happiness: When sofa cleaning services are not executed in the proper manner, it can lead to deteriorating health condition. If the furnishing in the home or business premise is not thoroughly cleaned, it can be very harmful for people suffering from asthma and dust allergies.

If you are wondering how to clean carpet, you should know that the process doesn’t work on the surface level only. You will need someone who can work on the interiors as well. So, you should look for corporate cleaners who will be able to remove the stains and grits left by spilling. They can remove the odour and create a pristine, stench-free environment.

Furniture cleaning to prolong the lifespan: Quality carpets are intensive investment. When you purchase a high quality carpet, you will not want to discard it anytime soon. Carpets play a huge role in making the office space more elegant and beautiful. But your office invites a lot of visitors and guests too and this has a direct influence on your pricey investment. So, you will definitely require comprehensive carpet cleaning to ensure that it keeps on serving you for many years to come. So, when you have the sofa cleaning services, they should be able to include deep cleaning and disinfection which helps in boosting the longevity of the carpets to a great extent.

Guarantee is yet another desirable factor: Most of the reputed carpet cleaners today provide a guarantee policy. This helps in ensuring that your cleaned product will be in its original state for about a month or so, depending on the intensity of usage.

Depending on their policy, you are likely to receive a re-wash or money back which are both beneficial to the consumers. Make sure that home cleaning services you select are able to provide such schemes. When you hire someone to take care of your belongings, you will not have an intention of receiving the money back that you have invested or rescheduling another day for further carpet cleaning. But when you have a carpet cleaner who are ready to offer so many things, it testifies to the fact that they will offer high quality services which is not just meant for ensuring thorough carpet cleaning but also for protecting the investment.

How does home carpet cleaners help in reducing liability issues?

If you are finding it challenging to keep the carpet clean in your business, home or rental property, you are aware of the role of your carpets in keeping up the look of the indoors. You will always want to put up your best look in front of the people who have congregated in your property. Even if you are not interested in putting the best show for the public, there are other issues which might compel you to consider keeping the carpet and upholstery clean and spotless. Here are a few ways in which a professional steam cleaner can assist you:

Home carpet cleaners to remove the bacteria living in the carpet-

When the carpet is not cleaned regularly, it may cause bacteria to live in the carpets. This could expose the people within the property to potentially detrimental toxins. The virus and bacteria may cause the immune system to compensate with the damages that are taking place and make you vulnerable to illness and disease. For elderly people and those who have certain medical conditions, it could lead to substantial deterioration of health. For instance, there is a particular microbe present in dirty carpets termed as mycotoxins which can make asthma worse. So, it is important to keep the carpets clean for health reasons, otherwise unworthy situations may arise.

Couch cleaner for purifying the fibers-

When you have pets at home, there is a potential for pet urine in the carpets. It may also happen in business premises that allow pets. These could include hospitals, eateries, shopping centres and malls. Can you guess what is the greatest issue with pet urine? In most cases, this urine gives off ammonia which can give rise to a number of health problems in human beings. It could include a trigger in the symptoms of lung problems such as COPD, emphysema and also increased allergies in people who are healthy in general. A responsible couch cleaner can mitigate all these problems at one go.

Floor cleaning services to reduce the risk of rotting subfloor-

When you have carpets installed in your floor, it is highly likely that the padding is placed right above the subfloor. With the passage of time, it could have accumulation of pet urine, stains, dirt and other pollutants. This will not just allow the carpets to rot but may also have an extremely detrimental impact on the floor underneath the carpet. Also, a subfloor is which is in poor condition can cause incidents of falling. This can be a problem when you want to sell or rent out the property. You could be blissfully unaware of the dilapidated condition of the floor. But the prospective owner of your building will not be satisfied if you have neglected the area. So, any of the expert floor cleaning services can take care of the floor and keep you updated about the debilitating condition of the floor much ahead of time.

These are some of the most common areas which a dirty carpet can lead you to. But there is definitely a solution. Contacting any of the home carpet cleaners can stave off all the problems at one go.

How can you maintain your carpet with simple steps?

Carpet is quite a popular flooring choice in many households. It is very soft and offers a lot of comfort when standing. Moreover, people in the colder regions prefer keeping carpets indoors since it adds warmth to the home or business premise. But when you are an owner of such a priced possession, you should be ready to maintain it. When you don’t have the time and energy required to care for it, here is how you can go about it:

Having a steam cleaner to vacuum the carpet regularly:

Frequent vacuuming is something that you must do once in a week or two. If there is high traffic with much footfall, you will have to vacuum it regularly for keeping up the look of the carpet. Vacuuming helps in removing pet hair, dirt, grits and all other kinds of suspended matter. It might not be possible to vacuum the carpet regularly, but it aids in ensuring that there is less grime accumulation in the carpets making it easier for you to maintain it. You should also sprinkle carpet cleaning powder for soaking up smell and dirt. After leaving your carpet for the whole night, you should have a steam cleaner for vacuuming it in the morning. Though it is not an alternative to washing, it is definitely a brilliant way to improve the look of the carpet.

Floor cleaning services can remove stains:

In between carpet cleanings, you will need to deal with a lot of problems with your carpet. These may include spillage, stains and unforeseen accidents. When you have a spillage, you should not rub the stain as it pushes the grain which makes it extremely difficult to fully clean it. All you have to do is to blot the area gently from outside towards the center.

For instance, if you have spilt any drink on the carpet, you can apply a mix of soda and vinegar on the area. Just apply the mixture on the affected and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then you must blot the area with warm water for removing the stain along with the mixture. Another great stain remover is the regular shaving cream. You will have to apply the cream and allow it to rest for half an hour. After that, remove the cream and blot the area away. Later on, when you welcome an expert floor cleaner, he can help you remove the stain from the fibres of the carpet.

Regular cleaning by an experienced couch cleaner is important:

Carpet washing goes into the root of the fibers of the carpets. It is useful in washing away all the dirt that the vacuum fails to catch hold of. Your carpet should be cleaned by an expert sofa cleaning services at least once in a year. In case your carpet have a light shade and have a tendency of collecting dirt, you will need to get it washed by a professional. A common question that people are plagued with is whether they should opt for any of the furniture cleaning companies or home carpet cleaners.

If you want to clean the carpets on your own, you will need to buy or rent the various equipment required to wash the carpet. But you are not aware of the various techniques required to thoroughly clean the carpet. This might not just lead to improper cleaning of the carpets but may also reduce the longevity of your possession.

How to clean carpet: Top myths busted

Myth 1: If the carpet is just only one year old, then you will not have to get it cleaned.

Fact: Many individuals are of opinion that their carpets do not need a professional cleaning if it doesn’t appear to be dirty. But when the carpet is visibly dirty, then it is much damaged which could be beyond repair. You will be surprised to know that the dirt which is not possible to see by naked eyes cause the maximum amount of damage. The dirt present deep within the carpet only contributes to destroy it. It will be difficult to remove the deep-seated dirt in the carpet by simply vacuuming it.

Myth 2: When the office cleaning services cleans your carpet, it will shrink down.

Fact: Your carpet will never shrink unless it is not properly dried. This is the reason why it is important to have a professional service provider for cleaning the carpet. An expert can make sure that the carpet is properly dried so that it doesn’t shrink.

Myth 3: Regular vacuum cleaning is not a necessity.

Fact: You might have heard that cleaning and vacuuming the carpet once in a week is more than enough. But this decision is definitely out of date. Experts recommend that vacuuming the carpet daily or once in two days, can prevent dirt and grits from building up in the carpet. Moreover, it is also decrease the amount of indoor pollutants. Also, when you vacuum the carpet at regular intervals, it can add many years to your carpet.

Myth 4: Carpet and furniture cleaning can be done with store bought items

Fact: Most of the store bought items for cleaning furnishing contains powder. It is a form of talcum powder which tend to get accumulated in the carpet and other upholstery when used repeatedly. This fine powder cannot be cleared off through vacuuming also. This is the reason why most people who use store bought items for cleaning have to change their carpet after 2 to 3 years.

Myth 5: Carpet and sofa cleaning services are not needed when you are able to use professional products and machineries

Fact: The products and equipment that you can access in a store is quite different from the ones used by the professional carpet cleaners. The cleansers that buy from the store contain harmful chemicals which may cause irreparable damage to the carpet as well as health of the people indoors. Moreover, these products may fail to offer desired results. It has been found that about 33 percent people who use these products end up damaging the shine and bright colour of their carpets.

No matter whether your carpet or upholstery has suffered from water damage or discoloration ore require regular cleaning, professional cleaners can go a long way in protecting what’s best for your belongings. The grave mistake that we make with our carpet is to wait until the carpets give away foul smell or till the dirt is visible on the surface. But when you notice these, your carpet has been gathered a lot of bacteria and virus along with dirt. So, you should get your important investment cared for by an experienced and skillful cleaner once in a year so that it keeps on serving you for many years to come.


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